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SNHU in the High School Program

SNHU in the High School's dual enrollment program creates collaborative partnerships with high schools to enhance academic opportunities and college accessibility for high school students. Students begin the process of earning early college credits concurrently with high school classes.

For Teachers

SNHU in the High School teachers have the opportunity to challenge students by providing an experience that allows them to earn college credits while still in high school. By participating in the SNHU in the High School program, teachers take an active role in fostering the commitment to excellence in education while enjoying the challenge and professional growth opportunities. Interaction between the high school teachers and sponsoring university fosters strong local networks among secondary and post-secondary educators. Teachers interested in participating in the dual enrollment program must meet minimum SNHU adjunct criteria (see below) and complete the following approval process:

  • Complete a Course/Instructor Approval Request Form
  • Minimum of a master's degree (preferably in the discipline) and demonstrated teaching experience required
  • Include:
    • Required signatures from principal or district administrator
    • Completed course syllabus and pacing guide SNHU template for the intended course
    • Official transcripts (undergraduate and graduate)
    • Current resume
  • Submit all of the above documents to the director for dual enrollment
  • Submit by November 15 to be considered for courses with a spring start date (January)
  • Submit by March 15 to be considered for courses with a fall start date (September)

Upon receipt of all of the above documents, an SNHU faculty member/department chair will conduct a review of the course syllabus to verify the fidelity of the high school course to the SNHU course with respect to the breadth and depth of the course content, pedagogy and assessment methods and the alignment of SNHU course requirements, including goals and learner outcomes.

If approved, the teacher and appropriate school administrator will be notified by an official approval letter from the director for dual enrollment as to the decision. The letter will include the most recent policies and practices, guest user request forms, and request to schedule an information meeting with the dual enrollment office. The approval letter will state that the course(s) can be offered in the high school for college credit. A minimum of six students must be enrolled in the dual enrollment option for each course offered. When the course(s) is offered, an assigned SNHU faculty partner/liaison will visit the class to evaluate content, pedagogy and assessment methods to ensure quality and comparability with courses taught at SNHU.

Currently approved teachers in the program are qualified to teach SNHU courses in their high schools and are considered SNHU adjunct faculty members and a part of the university community. On-going course/teacher approval process will be sent to approved instructors in April.

For Principals/Administrators

Dual enrollment programs like SNHU in the High School are well established and growing in popularity around the country as more administrators realize the numerous benefits to students.

Research from the National Association of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) has shown that dual and concurrent enrollment students, including low-income and first-generation college students, are significantly more likely to enroll in college and complete college degrees than comparable students who do not take college courses while in high school. In addition to improving academic outcomes, dual and concurrent enrollment programs can also save students and their families a significant amount of money.

The benefits include:

  • Cost savings for students - only $100 per course; $25 for labs where appropriate
  • Reduced high school drop-out rates
  • Increased student engagement
  • Higher GPAs and college enrollment rates
  • Opportunity for students to experience the academic workload of a university-level course before going to college

We hope you will encourage your teachers to investigate and participate in the program, provide professional development opportunities for your teachers, and collaborate with the university's Dual Enrollment Office to promote the program in your school.

Interested principals and administrators wishing to implement courses should:

  • Contact the director for dual enrollment at Southern New Hampshire University to arrange an informational meeting
  • Identify prospective teachers having the appropriate credentials and qualifications to be considered
  • Raise the awareness level of the benefits of early college credit opportunities in your school and district
  • Communicate the benefits of early college credit opportunities to parents and students
  • Designate a dual enrollment liaison for the school, and complete a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) when an agreement is reached

For Parents/Families

SNHU in the High School can help your child get a jump-start on college - starting as early as sophomore year - for just a fraction of the cost of full-time tuition. SNHU in the High School is available in many area schools. Students register for classes at the high school, and credits and grades are recorded on a permanent college transcript, as well as their high school transcript

The advantages to enrolling in SNHU in the High School include:

  • Reduced costs - SNHU in the High School courses require only a $100 fee for a three-credit course and $25 if a lab is part of the course
  • Students experience the academic requirements of a university-level course and are better prepared for college by gaining exposure to college expectations and workload
  • High school students applying to college having already earned university credits demonstrate to admission offices that they are capable of meeting the academic demands of university-level coursework
  • Credits are generally transferable to other colleges and universities (policies vary by school)
  • Credits and grades are earned and recorded on an official SNHU transcript at the conclusion of the course(s)


  • Students complete an application form for the designated course(s) they are concurrently enrolled in
  • Payment of the required fee ($100 per 3-credit course; $25 per 1-credit lab, where applicable)
  • Student electronically signs the application


  • Fees are collected by the high school instructor or dual enrollment liaison at the high school
  • Methods of payment include checks (made out to SNHU, unless otherwise directed by the high school), credit card payment, or cash


  • Only students can request official transcripts by following the process under the Transcript Request tab located on the upper left side of this page. 
  • Students will need their SNHU student ID number in order to facilitate the transcript request process. The SNHU student ID number can be obtained from the instructor.

For Students

SNHU in the High School provides high school sophomores, juniors and seniors the opportunity to take college courses while still in high school. Students begin the process of accumulating early college credits and save time by taking classes while in high school that can be applied toward a college degree.

While there is no guarantee, the college credits earned may be transferable to other colleges and universities as well. Universities have varying policies for accepting transfer credits, and you will need to consult with any intended college or university to determine transferability.


Complete the SNHU in the High School electronic application by following these steps:

  • Select the School-Specific Student Applications tab located on the upper left side of this page
  • Locate your high school to begin the application process.
  • You will register for all classes on one application – do not complete separate applications for each class.
  • All fields with a red asterisk are required fields.
    • Middle name is a required field, enter none if you do not have a middle name. 
  • You will receive a class registration email once the application is completed listing the course(s) you registered for.
    • This email is sent to the email address provided on the application.
    • Please check junk folders if you do not receive a class registration email after completing the application, especially if using a Gmail account.
  • The class registration email needs to be printed and handed into your instructor.
    • If you registered for multiple classes, each instructor should receive a copy of the class registration email.
  • Payment information:
    • If paying by check or cash please secure payment to the class registration email and submit to your instructor. (Checks should be made payable to SNHU)
    • If you paid by credit card, you are still REQUIRED to submit the class registration email to your instructors. (A credit card receipt will be emailed separately, this receipt does NOT need to be submitted with the class registration email)
    • If you registered for multiple classes, attach payment to the class/instructor listed in the first position on the class registration email.
    • Course fees are non-refundable.
  • SNHU in the High School reserves the right to cancel any dual enrollment class due to low enrollments.  You will be notified if a class is cancelled and fees will be refunded.