Brian Reiner

MS Information Technology - Database Design, Class of 2015

"When I found out SNHU offered a master's program in IT, I knew this was my calling."

As a young man, I had my fill of failures, such as school, family and relationships. Before I attended SNHU, I worked in the environmental sciences field. My main task was to take soil samples for testing. It became evident after a few years that there was no room for advancement and that my career was actually just a job. Then, I found an amazing woman who believed in me, and I wanted so much more for us. I knew I wanted to get my master’s degree, but needed to find a school that was right for me and my career goals and that would allow me to work while attending, so I could support myself and my future wife.

In October of 2012, I was visiting my girlfriend’s sister and her husband in Manchester. On a whim, I talked my girlfriend into visiting SNHU’s campus while we were in the area. As we walked the beautiful campus, I wondered about what it would be like as a graduate student at the university. I talked to some students on campus about SNHU online courses. When I found out they offered a master's program in IT, I knew this was my calling. I also knew that SNHU was going to be a great investment.

That Thanksgiving, I proposed to my girlfriend. Then, taking initiative, I quit my job and obtained a position in the technology field, to get my feet wet. Currently, I work for a company in their QA department. My job entails checking the operations of computers’ hardware and software and making certain that all peripherals are working before they are shipped to customers. Risking the security I had in my previous position to take this job was the biggest step towards succeeding in my goals other than enrolling at SNHU.

I am looking forward to returning to SNHU in May of 2015 to walk for the first time since my high school graduation, considering when I graduated from my undergraduate school I lived so far away that I was not able to take time off from work to attend. As my wife told me, “There is no excuse for not going to your graduation this time because the whole family is coming to see you walk and receive a degree you spent a lot of time earning.” Every day when I log in to Blackboard and see the SNHU logo, I realize my wife is right. I never think of SNHU as meaning “Southern New Hampshire University,” but instead “Success is Nothing witHout yoU.”