Camile Araujo

MA English & Creative Writing - Screenwriting, Class of 2014

"I love the classes I take, and I love challenging my imagination with my daughter."

Nine years ago, I'd wake up at 5:00 p.m. I would take my dog for a walk, make my coffee and go to the beach for an 8-10 mile run. I would come back home, cook dinner, eat, take a shower and get ready for an eight-hour shift as a Miami Dade County Police Officer. On January 13, 2006, I performed that routine for the last time. That night, as I patrolled the streets of the county I served, I was involved in a car accident that not only left me a paraplegic, but left me fighting for my life for two years. As my car crashed into a tree, all my dreams crashed with it – or so I thought.

One thing that kept me sane and helped me deal with all the emotional turmoil that accompanied the physical hardships was writing. I have been writing since I was five years old (and have all my journals to prove it). After deciding to take advantage of my situation to see what other adventures I could get into, I was approached by people who were interested in what I was writing. I have been published around the globe and I write quarterly for a magazine.

Last year, I decided to take my love for writing seriously and decided to go back to school to pursue an MA in creative writing. I wanted to learn the fundamentals of creative writing and pursue it wholeheartedly, so that I could not only do what I love most, professionally, but also teach my three-year-old daughter to never give up on her dreams. I love my life just as it is. I love the classes I take, and I love challenging my imagination with my daughter. What happened eight years ago can be perceived as a negative event, but it was the one thing that put me on track to pursue my innermost dreams.