Danielle Czosnowski

MA English

"(Advising) really helped motivate me to do better...Here I am finishing the degree that so many people told me I couldn't get."

Danielle Czosnowski has a passion for books and literature, but as an undergraduate at another college, she was told that her dream of earning a master’s degree in English literature was out of reach. Fortunately, Czosnowski didn’t listen to the naysayers. With Southern New Hampshire University and the support of her “amazing” academic advisor, Czosnowski graduated in 2017 with her master’s in English literature. Today, she says she believes that anyone can achieve their academic goals. The important thing is to not stop believing in yourself.

“Never listen to those who tell you no, never let them get into your head. It's your head, you make the choices! Here I am finishing the degree that so many people told me I couldn’t get,” she said.

Czosnowski completed her program entirely online, while working full time. She said she loved the flexibility and the diversity of her fellow students. “I could be reviewing a paper from Hawaii or Texas, all the while I sit at my desk in Maryland. We’re all different, from all different backgrounds and histories. It makes for a very-rounded class discussions.”

SNHU’s academic advisors also helped to support Czosnowski and her academic success. Check-ins and phone calls with her advisor helped Czosnowski stay on track throughout her coursework. “(Advising) really helped motivate me to do better and make sure I didn’t forget anything,” she said. Her experience has inspired her plans to become a teacher herself, one who lifts her students up instead of telling them what they can’t do. “I want to teach students in a way where no one gets lost,” she said.