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Students studying together at the Learning Center on campus

The Wolak Learning Center

The Wolak Learning Center is available to all undergraduate day students who either need or desire improvement in academic performance. The Wolak Learning Center's services are provided year round. Please contact our office and we will recommend the most appropriate program for you.

Located on the second floor of the library, The Wolak Learning Center provides a broad selection of academic support programs for undergraduate day students. These carefully designed programs are available to meet specific needs that may arise during a student's course of study at Southern New Hampshire University. Support services include, but are not limited to, the following:


The Wolak Learning Center offers tutoring for many college courses through walk-in and/or individual tutoring.  Tutors are faculty members, graduate assistants and peers.  In addition, peer tutors are hired as classroom assistants in some courses to provide an additional resource to students and faculty members.


Effective study and organizational skills are essential to be successful at the university. The mentoring program provides "generic" instruction to those students lacking in areas such as time management, exam preparation and note-taking skills.

Learning Strategies Seminar

Many students have never mastered the appropriate study and organizational skills necessary for academic success at the collegiate level. The Learning Strategies Seminar (LSS 100) is a 3 credit course in which students are taught a variety of learning skills and strategies that will assist them in becoming more independent learners and in maximizing their educational experience.

Remedial Assistance

The Wolak Learning Center offers remedial assistance to students at risk of academic dismissal through intensive professional tutoring, mentoring and/or a program called Second Start. Second Start is a semester-long seminar series with built-in assisted study sessions and frequent faculty contact. The Scholastic Standing Committee or the Director of The Wolak Learning Center refers students to the Second Start Program.

Tutor Training

The Tutor Training Program at SNHU is an internationally certified program. The Wolak Learning Center is authorized by the College Reading and Learning Association to award tutor training certification at three levels of tutor expertise (regular, advanced and master). If you are interested in becoming a tutor, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about requirements and training. Students who have participated in the program have found that it adds another dimension to their learning experience at SNHU and provides a vital service for their peers.

JumpStart Summer Bridge Program

We believe when students are given an early, formal introduction to higher education, they are more likely to be satisfied with that education and graduate. The Wolak Learning Center at Southern New Hampshire University offers a pre-college program called JumpStart to provide this introduction. JumpStart is an early entrance/summer bridge experience for first-year students designed to help them make a positive transition to SNHU and enhance their chances for academic success.

Academic Success Coaching

The Academic Success Coaching (ASC) program provides new students with a full year of personalized academic support tailored to fit their academic needs during their first year at SNHU. Students receive coaching on a regular basis in their first year to ensure that they are meeting the demands of their courses, effectively managing their time and successfully transitioning to life at SNHU.