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Student Services

Student Services

We believe that there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Thanks to courses that stress real world experience, we’ve seen students who may have  struggled with staying focused on academics become engaged learners in and out of the classroom. First year students at SNHU take First-Year Seminar (FYS 101) - a course designed to challenge and support students as they explore positions and values relevant not only to college, but also to informed citizenship. In FYS 101, students explore concepts, histories, and experiences that have formed the democratic experience, encouraging open-minded engagement with and empathy for the values and experiences of a diverse population.

And when you can’t figure something out on your own, we’ll be there to help you out.

Academic Advising

When you arrive on campus, you'll have access to all the resources available at SNHU to help you be the best you can be. If you feel behind, we'll help you catch up. If you want to challenge yourself, tell us where you want to push yourself and we'll take you there.

Campus Accessibility Center (CAC)

At SNHU, we comply with the guidelines of Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended, by making reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis for eligible students with disabilities.

Campus Ministry

Through Campus Ministry, students share their faith and explore their spirituality. We also provide spiritual direction and counseling.

International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS), located in William S. and Joan Green Center for Student Success, assists and supports international students and scholars at SNHU.

The Wolak Learning Center

The Wolak Learning Center offers the JumpStart Summer Bridge Program which is designed to help you make the best transition to the on campus experience. Once you're here, you'll have access to tutoring, study skills mentoring, and remedial assistance in specific courses.

Shapiro Library

The Shapiro Library is located within the Edward S. Wolak Library Learning Commons building, offering innovative library and technology services. The library provides online access to and instruction on a selection of over 250 databases containing full-text journals, magazines, reports, and newspapers chosen to support SNHU curriculum.

Office of Diversity Programs

SNHU seeks to create and connect with the community of color on and off campus. We work with students, faculty, and staff from across the university to create a welcoming and supportive campus environment.

Wellness Center

If you catch a cold, or burn yourself on the stove, the Wellness Center offers treatment for that. If you just need to talk about the issues in your life, we have professional counselors who will sit down with you.