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Student meeting with their academic advisor

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Office works with students from the moment they arrive to the moment they graduate. We educate and empower students to take ownership of their degree. All new students are assigned an academic advisor by school or by major for one year (first year students) or one semester (transfer students). After that time, students will begin working with a faculty advisor; however, the Academic Advising Office will continue to provide all students with the support they need throughout their time at SNHU. New student advisors assist with the initial transition to SNHU, provide information about majors and connect students to resources. Once students transition to their faculty advisors, students will develop a mentor/mentee relationship with their advisor. They will further explore their major and career path, and learn about internship and career opportunities.


All students will be educated and empowered in their academic development from initial transition through graduation

Academic Advising Office Mission Statement

Through active partnership and advocacy, we educate and empower students through the process of academic advising. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and the greater community, we are committed to teaching students to explore opportunities and engage with campus resources. We aim to establish an inclusive environment where all students can thrive, and to support and challenge students to take ownership as self-directed learners who map a realistic academic and personal plan. 

The Goals of Academic Advising

  • Provide responsive, accessible, student-centered advising where decision making responsibility rests with students 
  • Encourage students to become self-aware, proactive, and intentional decision-makers
  • Educate students and advisors about campus policies, procedures, and program requirements
  • Mentor students to embrace personal success, failures, and growth to create a unique narrative of their past, present, and future
  • Support faculty and staff advisors campus wide through resources and education that aim to inspire excellent advising