Aimee Silva

MBA Internet Marketing, Class of 2015

"I have learned so much already that I can use today for my business, before I even reach the goal of completing my MBA."

My story: I have a BA in Psychology, and have absolutely no prior experience in business. During the last two semesters of college, I started an online business called Peachy Queen Boutique, selling fashion jewelry and accessories. I decided that I wanted to change my path from entering the psychology field to business, so I could strengthen my skills and have a successful company. I was hesitant and a little terrified about entering the field and working towards an MBA without any classes or knowledge from my undergraduate degree. I thought about it for some time, going back and forth, throwing the idea around. I decided I needed to take action and get more information about obtaining a degree online, while still working on my business.

My advisor, April Griffin, has been the most influential person at SNHU. And I now recognize that the path I am on to reach my dream is the one I need to be on. April has helped me with all my questions, from general knowledge about the program and school, to easing my apprehension about getting an MBA without any prior experience. She has shared with me her own experiences and goals, which shows me her commitment, and that she really cares. She was always there for me via e-mail or phone, even when my questions or concerns were puerile. I know that if I didn’t have April advising me through this difficult transition, I probably wouldn’t be so certain I was on the right path, chasing after my biggest and wildest dreams.

The program so far has only made me more excited and motivated to make my company more of a success. I have learned so much already: wonderful ideas and applications that I can use today for my business before I even reach the goal of completing my MBA in Internet Marketing. I feel comfortable at SNHU because of the relationship I have built with April, and because of the foundation I am constructing, to build up my dreams into ideas, and take my ideas and turn them into reality.