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SNHU graduate Zuri-Wilson-Seymore working with a colleague on some reports. With the text Zuri Wilson-Seymore '16

Master's in Marketing Online MS Degree Program

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Earn a Master's in Marketing Online

  • $637/credit (36 credits total)
  • 24/7 access to online classroom
  • Aligned with AMA Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®)
  • Relevant and timely course content 
  • Transfer up to 12 graduate credits
  • Featuring Hootsuite and HubSpot-aligned content

Master's in Marketing Program Overview

Today’s business environment requires marketers to be nimble. As culture and society changes – and new platforms, media types and tools emerge – it also means being able to assess resources while providing creative solutions.

The Master of Science (MS) in Marketing program at Southern New Hampshire University offers valuable experience to gain and build on prior marketing knowledge, and will prepare you to take on the challenges of a growing and evolving industry.

The master's in marketing online coursework focuses on brand building, campaign planning and analysis as well as engaging target audiences through every modern media channel available. You'll acquire analytical, critical-thinking, communication and decision-making skills, along with the opportunity to participate in industry-aligned certification preparation. Our MS in Marketing degree includes timely and relevant content that will prepare you for multiple careers in today's landscape.

SNHU's online master's program aligns with the American Marketing Association's Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) Program standards as outlined in its Digital Marketing Book of Knowledge. This alignment allows you, with additional requirements, to pursue certification that will give even more credibility to your resume as a qualified marketer, proving to employers you’re equipped to handle their marketing challenges.

Note: SNHU does not guarantee that the completion of this program will result in certification. In addition to successfully completing the educational requirements, students may need to meet other certification requirements.

What You'll Learn

  • How to develop a marketing plan
  • Marketing theory and practice
  • Stakeholder negotiation
  • International marketing strategies
  • Legal, regulatory and ethical practices
  • Brand management

How You'll Learn

At SNHU, you'll get support from day 1 to graduation and beyond. And with no set class times, 24/7 access to the online classroom and helpful learning resources along the way, you'll have everything you need to reach your goals.

Concentration Options

Career Outlook

If you're looking for a career that touches most industries while allowing you the flexibility to work from anywhere long term, consider earning your MS in Marketing from SNHU. Marketers exist in nearly every industry and often work closely with upper management. 

Because of the diversity of marketing courses available, Southern New Hampshire University's master's in marketing online program prepares you to start or advance in a variety of careers, including brand management, marketing analytics, corporate communications, advertising, marketing research, product development and sales management.

Job Growth

According to the BLS, job opportunities for advertising, promotions and marketing managers are projected to grow 6% through 2032, with a 13% projected job growth for market research analysts.1


The median annual salary for advertising, promotions and marketing managers overall is $138,730. The median annual wage for market research analysts was $68,230 in 2022.1

Understanding the Numbers
When reviewing job growth and salary information, it’s important to remember that actual numbers can vary due to many different factors — like years of experience in the role, industry of employment, geographic location, worker skill and economic conditions. Cited projections do not guarantee actual salary or job growth.

Dr. Jessica Rogers with the text Dr. Jessica Rogers"It's a truly exciting time to be a marketer," said Dr. Jessica Rogers, senior associate dean at SNHU. "There are a variety of careers in marketing such as those in marketing communications, brand management, digital marketing, social media marketing, marketing analytics, promotions, market research, consumer behavior and more."

Since the program covers a wide variety of marketing topics, it could be hard to figure out how they all fit into your career goals. But because subject-matter experts across the country developed the curriculum, you'll quickly discover how relevant the material is.

"Some of the courses that I took, I didn't know how they would apply and how I'd use them moving forward," Jaraysi said. "By the end of the 10 weeks, I realized that there was a lot more value than I thought there would be."

That's by design.

"Our marketing programs are different in that they were designed with a very strategic approach by our academic team, including the deans," Rogers said. "We've connected and aligned our programs to industry. We push to stay current within industry and business environments, and our courses evolve with the needs of business. We've aligned our programs and courses with skills employers want… We are also very in tune to what job postings are requiring from an applicant and strive to help students ensure they have these skills."

Earning your master's in marketing online could prepare you for senior-level roles, as well as put you on the path to leadership. With this degree, you can consider job settings such as:

Where Could You Work?

Nonprofit Organizations

Help support organizations you feel passionate about through fundraising and brand awareness.

Marketing Agencies

Pursue traditional marketing roles such as marketing manager, market research analyst or media planner.

Science and Technology

Coordinate marketing efforts, create campaigns and develop marketing strategies for tech-focused companies.

Healthcare Organizations

Create marketing strategies to promote clinical expertise and patient care, establish brand standards and garner partnerships.

More specifically, here are some roles you might consider:

  • Marketing manager. You'll be responsible for coordinating marketing efforts using best practices, identifying target audiences, creating campaigns, developing overall marketing strategies, overseeing product development and more.
  • Market research analyst. Spend your time studying market conditions to determine how products will perform. According to the BLS, this job has 13% growth projected through 2032, with a median annual wage of $68,230 in May 2022.2
  • Social media director. Responsible for developing, directing and reporting on social media campaigns and strategies, you'll have the knowledge and experience to steer the social media ship at advertising agencies, big household brands and non-profits alike.
  • Business development manager. You'll be in charge of identifying and implementing growth opportunities through market demand assessments, strategic maneuvers and relationship and brand building.
  • Media planner. Determine which media types, from radio, television, print media, billboards and more, will best serve target markets based on the client's short-term and long-term goals. A media planner with a master's degree will most likely work with senior leadership on developing an overall media strategy.
  • Nonprofit fundraising. Pursue a career in the world of nonprofit fundraising and you'll be able to help support charitable organizations you feel passionate about. With your marketing degree, consider taking a grassroots approach to raising money and awareness.

Start Your Journey Toward an Online Master's Degree in Marketing

Preparing You for Success

Naeem JaraysiNaeem Jaraysi '20

"The coursework holds real-world value. The resources and books that the professors used – I still have them and I still use them."

Courses & Curriculum

The curriculum in the online master's in marketing program features an in-depth marketing foundation while also offering a broad range of electives that will allow you to tailor the program more specifically to your areas of interest in support of your personal career goals.

Earn Valuable Certifications

Various courses throughout our MS in Marketing program, along with its concentrations, are integrated with content to help students prepare for industry-leading certifications. These alignments are intended to offer students access to the thinking behind some of today’s most respected organizations.

"We've embraced the importance of industry certifications and credentials," said Dr. Jessica Rogers, senior associate dean at SNHU. "We've identified opportunities for students to add to their portfolios and resumes through external certifications that are in demand from employers. We know these industry certifications provide students and their employers with added value. Within many of our marketing courses, students will see references to and projects around such certifications and credentials. Not only do these certifications and credentials add to employability, they also help bring life to course content and associated real-world projects assigned."

Some of these certifications include:

Hootsuite Academy logo on top of the Hubspot Academy logo
  • AMA Professional Certified Marketer
  • Hootsuite Platform Training
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Social Media Certification
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

Learn from Instructors and Peers

Like the ability to earn certifications, classes at SNHU often go beyond just the classwork.

"SNHU is different than my previous experience in the sense that there was a lot more interaction with other students in the online classes," Naeem Jaraysi '21 said – a great chance to learn from others with both similar and different marketing backgrounds. "We'd be in groups a lot of time in projects, and that really helped me connect with people, even though we were so far apart."

You'll learn from instructors who have relevant marketing experience who are ready to pass that information on to you.

"I was able to tap into the knowledge that instructors gave as people," said Jordan Remmes '16. "And as an adult, college instructors are people doing a job that I knew I could respectfully challenge and lean on to get the most from. It was very rewarding as a student and as an adult with control over my own education and experiences."

Derald Wise with the text Derald Wise

"They had that relevant background and were able to give that practical feedback on what was happening in the industry," said Derald Wise '14 '18G. "So, to me, I think that was the biggest asset, having that constant communication."

Customize Your Degree

The courses and capstones in this degree program are designed to prepare you to apply leadership, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills to various leadership and management roles in marketing moving forward. You'll have the option to select one of 4 concentrations including digital marketing, new media & communications, marketing research & analytics and social media marketing.

Yolanda Cox with the text Yolanda Y. Cox"I learned a lot in the marketing capstone," said Yolanda Y. Cox '21. "Being able to put everything I learned into one class was so helpful. I felt prepared and ready to implement many of the things I learned."

Should you choose the general track, you'll be able to choose from a range of interesting and relevant electives to bolster your knowledge, including Operations Management, Sport Marketing and Media, and Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making.

University Accreditation

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) as well as several other accrediting bodies.

This program and its concentrations are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Student achievement data can be found on the ACBSP accreditation page.

New England Commission of Higher Education Logo
ACBSP Accredited Program Logo

Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates for SNHU's online degree programs are among the lowest in the nation. We offer a 25% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty.

Online Graduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 15 credits 
Degree/Certificates $1,911 $637 $9,555 
(U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)*
$1,410 $470 $7,050 

Tuition rates are subject to change and are reviewed annually.
*Note: students receiving this rate are not eligible for additional discounts.

Additional Costs:
Course Materials ($ varies by course). Foundational courses may be required based on your undergraduate course history, which may result in additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Licensure and Certification Disclosures

SNHU has provided additional information for programs that educationally prepare students for professional licensure or certification. Learn more about what that means for your program on our licensure and certification disclosure page.