Eric Suedkamp

"I can proudly say, I hold a great position within my workplace that I can consider a career."

Growing up, I constantly watched people struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. This was due to many factors, from either dropping out of high school or not obtaining a college degree — it was difficult for them to make a decent living. I thought this was normal for the longest time and struggled through high school but graduated on time with my diploma. For many years after, I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life or what I wanted to do at all. I started in healthcare, making just above minimum wage and had no ambition to do much with myself for quite some time.

After a while, I transferred into a department within the hospital where I had a manager that saw a lot of ambition in me and pushed me hard to do something with myself. I then started to look back into college and finally registered for classes at the local junior college near me. My manager really pushed me to make something of myself and also gave me more tasks to do on the floor I worked. With her supporting me, I did my best work and was able to join the honor society Phi Theta Kappa and also started taking on more project management roles as well. This really opened my eyes and made me realize that wanted to do something more with myself, thanks to my manager at the time. After obtaining a number of credits, acquiring, and sustaining a GPA of 3.7 while working full-time, I transferred to a university in Clayton, Missouri, near me while still working. Shortly after my transfer to this university, I received an internal transfer to another position where I received a decent wage increase. I finally realized that I could do more with myself if I really set my mind to it, so I kept pushing myself. However, going to that university at the time was becoming very difficult because the cost of tuition was very high and my student loans wouldn’t cover it all, and I was unable to receive any grants. That is when I started to look into an alternative university that had a good name and standing, was accredited and had lower cost of tuition.

After many months of research and interviewing, I was able to find SNHU and registered for my first class. Shortly after I registered, my wife and I would have our first son. This caused me to really push myself even harder to make something out of myself. Working fulltime, going to school, having a mortgage, married with a child on the way, I really needed to do something because life was really going to become difficult to balance. With the assistance of my academic advisors, I was able to stabilize my school load to balance out my workload. Today, I am the proud father of two little boys, and with the help of everyone, I can proudly say, I hold a great position within my workplace that I can consider a career, while also proudly calling myself an SNHU student and hopefully one day, an alumni. Once I graduate, I plan to start moving towards a senior management position and looking into a graduate program at SNHU.