Peter Boyle

MS Accounting, Class of 2014

"SNHU had a robust online program with the support and curriculum to back it up."

In 2005, my career as a stock trader, in the New York City area, was coming to a close. Many of the stock exchanges were consolidating and automating the mechanics of the single point of trade market. It was then the decision was made by my wife and me to move to New England where I would search for a new career. I had worked in finance, most of my life, straight out of high school and trading equities was the only skill I had acquired. I had a difficult time searching out a career path I thought would be rewarding and productive. Soon, I realized my education of the formal disciplines was lacking and preventing me from reaching my true potential. At this point, I had a wife and two young children to consider.

Choosing a college or university was not easy, but after much deliberation, the choice was clear. SNHU had a robust online program with the support and curriculum to back it up. I felt the university really wanted me to succeed in my chosen path. Now, in 2014, I am finishing my master’s in accountancy with a clear vision for the future. I received immeasurable support along the way from the experienced teachers, my advisor, Matt Boyd, and peers. The university positioned me for success helping me with time management and developing goals. I would define success as confidence knowing your strengths and weakness and the ability to use both to achieve your dream.