Susette Parks

BA General Studies, Class of 2014

"I met some great advisors who were understanding and supportive."

I started at SNHU in 2012, but quickly realized I was not ready. I was working at Fidelity Investments full-time, while my husband was home with our children: Tyler, six, and Christiana, four. My husband had been laid off in 2008 and returned to school at SNHU. With financial responsibilities on my shoulders, I knew school would need to wait a bit longer, although I wanted to be home with the kids. I had worked for Fidelity for thirteen years in IT at that time, and was making good strides. However, in 2011, I too was laid off. Thankfully, I was rehired within two months. The new position put me in the communication field, which I really enjoyed. But I did not have the proper education to feel I could do my job to my own standards. My husband finished his degree and returned to work in the fall of 2012. After six months, I realized it was my time to re-evaluate my place at home and work. I knew I needed the flexibility of a part-time job, so I could put the focus on my children. But, I still wanted to use my experience and talents to not only support our family, also grow as a person. I made the decision to leave my IT career of 23 years in the summer of 2013.

When I contacted SNHU the second time in the fall of 2013, I met some great advisors who were understanding and supportive. In fact, it was their call that got me thinking about returning to school. The time was right, and I enrolled in my first of ten classes needed to complete an undergraduate degree in general studies. I had taken many college courses over the years in computer science, fine arts, and held an AAS in drafting and design. I was excited SNHU had a degree program that accepted so many of my courses. A liberal arts degree was perfect for me, while allowing me to concentrate in communications, the field I had already gained experience in. I am halfway through and expect to graduate at the end of 2014.

I am already preparing for my next steps, and am looking forward to developing skills in creative writing, art history and art education. It is a dream of mine to write my memoirs and paint my spiritual journey in life. While I feel like I’m that recent high school graduate, I am finally getting my bachelor’s after 30 years. I feel I have many years of great experiences that have contributed to my enjoyment of school at SNHU.

The online program has been perfect for me. I am grateful for the great support of my advisor and teachers. Most important, my children have seen both my husband and me complete our degrees, and have supported us with their love and acceptance. What better way to set a good example for them. Thanks, SNHU.