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Valerie Picco

MS Accounting, Class of 2014

"Without you, your great advisors, and great instructors, my life would not be nearly this good."

In 2002, I found myself divorced, broke, with two children and no car. I did not have a college degree. Then I was able to start going to school online at SNHU, for my undergraduate degree in accounting, while also working full-time.

One of my instructors gave me the great advice of taking the H & R Block tax class, and working for them doing taxes during my last year of school. This gave me an edge over other applicants, and the CPA firm of my choice hired me. I was immediately able to improve my standard of living and relax a little.

It took me about five years of work experience to become a really good accountant, which is about normal. Three years ago, I went back to SNHU for my MS in Accounting. Now I am just two classes away from finishing. Eight years after graduating with my bachelor's degree, I make close to six figures, just got a merit bonus of almost ten thousand and I’m told that my salary will go up when I finish my master's.

I work for a utility company on Cape Cod, and it is absolutely the best job I have ever had. It is always interesting, and the culture is unique. I also oversee five people on the Cape, and one person on the Vineyard. So I have to go to the Vineyard every couple of weeks, which I consider to be a perk.

SNHU online has made every bit of this possible. I would not have been able to go to school for my undergraduate degree without SNHU’s online accounting degree.. Thank you, SNHU! Without you, your great advisors, and great instructors, my life would not be nearly this good.