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International Admission Requirements

Whether you are exploring our ESL, undergraduate, graduate or doctoral programs, the SNHU International Admission team is here to help.

Once you have reviewed the admission requirements for your program, complete your application and pay the application fee to start the process. The application fee is $20 USD for ESL and undergraduate programs and $40 USD for graduate programs. There is no application fee required for doctoral programs.

These requirements apply to international applicants for on-campus study. Applicants who wish to study online can refer to our online admission section. Online applicants do not qualify for an F-1 visa.

Admission Review

Once we have received your official third-party evaluation, the admission file will be reviewed. Admission counselors will follow up with next steps for admitted students, which will include required documents necessary to receive an I20. A financial guarantee demonstrating the ability to cover the financial obligation of studying in the U.S. for the first academic year is required. These are the current amounts required:

Program (2023-2024 Academic Year)*

Minimum Financial Obligation Requirement

Undergraduate (Two Semesters)


Graduate (Two Semester)




ESL (Four Months)


Undergraduate Language Studies (ULS)


Study Abroad (UG)(Semester)


Study Abroad (GR)(Semester)


Program (2024-2025 Academic Year)*

Minimum Financial Obligation Requirement

 Undergraduate (Two Semesters)  $35,000**
 Graduate (Two Semesters)  $34,500
 Doctoral   $36,000
 ESL (Four Months)  $31,000
 Undergraduate Language Studies (ULS)  $18,500
 Study Abroad (UG)(Semester)  $17,500
 Study Abroad (GR)(Semester)  $17,500

*Additional miscellaneous expenses, such as purchasing a computer and expected travel expenses, are included in the financial guarantee for students. Laptops can be purchased prior to or after arrival, but are mandatory for the first day of courses. You may purchase any laptop brand that you wish and from any location/reseller but SNHU students can take advantage of discounts from Dell and Apple

**Engineering programs require an additional $3,000 due to lab fees.

Please do not submit financial documents until requested to do so by your admission counselor. If you have any questions, please contact us at

*Note: All admission decisions are at the discretion of SNHU International Admission. Applicants submitting admission documents (transcripts, bank documents, English proficiency scores, etc.) that have been altered or fabricated will be denied admission. Denials based on fraudulent documents cannot be appealed.