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International Program Costs

Please note that all costs and dates are estimated and subject to change without notice. These amounts serve as a guideline to establish the minimum financing needed for one year of study at SNHU.

Undergraduate Program Two Semesters One Semester
(When campus is open)
$15,000 $7,500
Housing & Meals (double room)*
(When campus is open)
$12,800 $6,400
Books (estimated) $1,000 $500
Medical Insurance** $1,428 (12 months) $476 (4 months)
Fees $560 $370
Total Costs $30,788 $15,246

Note: Engineering programs have an additional lab fee of $3,000 per year.

Graduate Program** Semester
Semester Tuition (3 courses at $2,100/course)
(When campus is open)
Activity & Other Fees (average per semester) $370
Medical Insurance (4 months) $476
Housing & Meals (estimated)* $6,525
Books (estimated) $500
Semester Total Cost** $14,171

** Most master’s programs consist of 12 courses (9 core courses and 3 electives) and typically take 4-5 semesters to complete but programs vary in length. Some programs require foundation courses (a maximum of 5). Foundation courses may be exempt based on completed undergraduate coursework.

ESL Programs

Intensive English Program Term
Tuition**** (8-week term/half semester) $3,195
Housing & Meals (double room)* $2,721
Books (estimated) $100
Medical Insurance (2 months) $238
Activity Fees $100
Wellness Fee $10
Orientation Fee (one-time) $50
Term Cost $6,414

**** The ESL program consists of 3 levels. Each level consists of 2 terms.

Undergraduate Language Studies Semester
Tuition and Fees $7,408
Housing and Meals (double room)* $6,400
Books (estimated) $300
Medical Insurance (4 months) $476
Semester Total Cost $14,584

* Housing and Meals charges may vary slightly, depending upon residence hall assignment.

Experience English Program Cost
Tuition $1,596
Housing $632
Meals* $250
Insurance $171
Program Fee (Activities) $150
Orientation & Health Fee $51
Total $2,850

*Students can add additional funds to their meal plan on campus, if needed.