Audrey Greathouse

BA English Language & Literature, Class of 2015

"No school in the world could offer me a scholarship that would draw me away from SNHU."

I dropped out of college after my first quarter, utterly disenchanted with the one-sided politics of the institution and the sex-and-drugs student culture. Fortunately, there was SNHU. With open arms and a brilliantly simple application process, they welcomed me to a program that challenged me to think for myself, and think a lot! For almost three years now, I have worked with the most ideologically tolerant and intellectually diverse collection of students I’ve ever known. At SNHU, my education is what I need it to be and only dependent on how motivated I am. Consequently, I will be graduating magna cum laude this summer, a whole year ahead of most of my high school graduating class.

With manageable, but deeply intellectually challenging course loads in every class, I really do feel that I had an opportunity here that I wouldn’t have had with any other institution in the country. Not tethered to any physical institution, I have been free to travel during my education —Bellingham, Seattle, San Francisco, Carson City, Los Angeles and Portland. I have completed my education in countless cities, traveling the West Coast and living out of a backpack for months at a time. I have met so many amazing people through my travels and had so many positive interactions with my fellow students. No school in the world could offer me a scholarship that would draw me away from SNHU, and the freedom and education it provides for me.