Mark Haddad

BS Business Admin - 3 Yr Honors Program, Class of 2001

"I wanted to get the degree. And I wanted it to be quick."

Mark Haddad ’01 wasn’t your typical student when he enrolled in SNHU’s 3-year Honors Program in Business.

At 26, he was just out of the U.S. Army, where he had served in Special Operations.

“I was past the whole ‘trying-to-find-yourself’ situation,” he says. “I was motivated. I wanted to get the degree. And I wanted it to be quick.”

He wasn’t disappointed.

“The instructors wanted to get you beyond school,” he says. “Everything we did was as if we were in a team environment in some organization. Basically, it was training.”

During internships, Mark acquired skills that landed him two job offers before graduation. After graduating, he worked for a technology company, spent some time as a military advisor and did consulting before launching Zingr Communications, the text-message marketing agency he founded and runs in Manchester, N.H.

Now he’s offering internships to SNHU students and looking to the pool of SNHU graduates to fill positions in his company.

“I want to be able to give SNHU students the opportunity to learn what it means to operate a business,” Mark says.

He also wants to impress on business school graduates the importance of contacts.

“The No. 1 reason to go to SNHU is not for the three or four years you spend there,” he says. “It’s for after when you find opportunities because you’re affiliated with SNHU.”