Sarah Barnes

MS Organizational Leadership, Class of 2015

"At Southern New Hampshire University, it’s more than a degree, because I’ve learned how my community and I can make a larger impact globally."

I loved my experience at Southern New Hampshire University - both on campus and online. I received my bachelor's in early childhood education, and then went on to pursue my master's in organizational leadership.

After earning my bachelor's, I realized that instead of teaching, I really wanted to pursue a leadership role at a nonprofit that works with children. Earning my master's in organizational leadership allowed me to build on my undergraduate knowledge and gave me the opportunity to get any leadership position that focused on childcare.

Now as a business development specialist at a mental and behavioral health clinic, I'm using the skills I learned at SNHU in my role every day, such as writing grants, scheduling clients, using databases and working with various nonprofit organizations.

When I was an undergrad at SNHU, I got the opportunity to go on a service trip to Africa in 2010. Today, I'm co-coordinating Rwanda service trips for my organization, scheduling all of our events, meeting and talking to the participants and volunteers of the trip, and doing all of the budgeting.

SNHU has supported me in so many different ways - job fairs and internship opportunities, getting my resume critiqued and just being able to network all of the time. Since I've graduated, a lot of my professors have stayed in touch and have actually donated to our Rwanda trips in some form. We have one professor sponsoring a child in Rwanda right now.

The advisors are also amazing. I loved my undergrad advisor. I am still connected with her today in many different ways. And my graduate advisor was great, too - always giving me advice, always making sure I was on track, kept my grades up, and just checking in on my personal life as well.

At Southern New Hampshire University, it's more than a degree, because I've learned how my community and I can make a larger impact globally. Having my degree means that I can make a big change in the world. I can line up those opportunities and know the best way to go about making those changes, and also how to influence other people to jump on board to make those changes with me.