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Internships & Real World Experience

We value the traditional classroom experience, but what makes SNHU special is our commitment to learning outside the classroom. Our professors have real world experience in their field, and are able to introduce their students to what their major is really about.

Some of our students’ recent experiences have included...

  • A spring break trip to Florida to work with the Miami Marlins, St. Louis Cardinals, and Doral Golf Tournament organizers
  • Interning at a local school
  • Working behind the scenes at the Traverse City Film Festival
  • Booking bands at various venues around town
  • Working a summer internship as a segment producer for FOX News (and subsequently landing a full time job at ESPN!)

Community Engaged Learning

A large portion of our students participate in programs that work with the local community, building their own skills while developing a lifestyle of service. The Center for Community Engaged Learning coordinates several civic-minded programs for SNHU students.

  • Service Learning: Community service programs tailored to meet the concepts and skills of a certain course.
  • Community Service Work-Study: Get paid while developing job skills and contributing to the community through this federally funded program.
  • Alternative Break Program: Immersive projects that take students out of their traditional environment to learn about the world around them.
  • The Center for Community Engaged Learning can also help you find local organizations that you might be interested in volunteering with.