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One of the cities available in the Study Abroad program

Study Abroad Programs

Immerse yourself in other cultures and discover new ideas as you experience some of the world’s most historic places. When you study abroad, you’ll feed your curiosity as you fuel your résumé with exceptional learning experiences.

Our partnership with NSE includes 150+ universities

SNHU offers 3 unique ways to study abroad.

Our students have studied in 22 countries.

Interested in studying abroad? Email for more information.

Why Study Abroad at SNHU?

A group of SNHU Study Abroad Students in another country

Enrich Your Education

One of the greatest benefits of studying abroad is meeting people from other cultures and sharing ideas. You’ll gain lasting friendships and new perspectives on the world.

A Foreign University available to visit in the SNHU Study Abroad Program

Open to All Majors

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel the world. Even if your major isn’t available at one of our partner universities, we encourage you to study abroad.

An SNHU Study Abroad student skydiving

You’ve Got Options

From weeklong trips to a traditional semester abroad or a full-year exchange, we offer a variety of programs to fit your needs and broaden your educational experience.

Study Abroad students meeting with an SNHU Advisor

Support Before and After

To help you have a great experience abroad and re-adjust when you get back, you’ll take part in orientations before you leave, and a re-entry program upon your return.

3 Ways to Study Abroad at SNHU

To make studying abroad accessible to as many students as possible, we offer three distinct programs that vary in cost, location and length to fit your unique goals and circumstances.