A Day in the Life of an Online Student

A day in the life of an online student

We're all familiar with the stereotype of the on campus college student. They might rush to get ready for an early class and later grab lunch with their friends in the student union before some afternoon lectures. Night brings a bit of homework, studying and working on papers until it's time to meet up with friends again for social time.

Online students don't necessarily share the same kind of common schedule. Some work full-time day jobs and make time for their studies in the evenings or on weekends. Others stay at home with young children, fitting in homework when their little ones are sleeping. Some do both! A few even juggle classwork and several part-time jobs. It raises the question: What does a day in the life of an online student really look like?

Flexible Scheduling

If you have a full-time job, you might automatically think there's no way you can fit a full-time degree program into your already packed schedule. Jack Tralongo, an MBA candidate in SNHU's class of 2015, found himself in a similar scenario in his job as a senior financial analyst and has come to appreciate the flexibility of being an online student.

"My work schedule does not allow me much time for traditional schooling," Tralongo said in a testimonial explaining why he chose online learning instead of on campus classes. "The online program at SNHU has allowed me the opportunity to balance my life, school and work."

With the ability to log onto course hubs remotely and at any time of the day or night, online students can work toward their degrees when it's convenient for them. Even Hailey Fuller, a full-time nanny and holder of a BA in Creative Writing and English from SNHU, found the time to study when her busy schedule accommodated it.

"Online school works so well for my schedule," Fuller said. "I've found that organizing and planning out my week ahead of time keeps me focused and on top of all my assignments. I keep a planner with me all of the time, so I can see my schedule for the week, as well as my homework that's due."

Instant Support

Flexibility isn't the only reason to pursue an online education. There are the intangible, yet no less important, benefits to consider - like support.

While there's a good degree of solo work when it comes to completing an online degree program, SNHU's online students are never on their own when it comes to questions about their coursework. In fact, when Derick Johnson, SNHU class of 2014 in public administration, wanted to discuss changing his major through the online program, he was on the phone with an advisor and able to switch majors in a day.

"My original plan was to pursue the general studies track," Johnson said. "While in my first online class, I began to look at other programs that the college offered. I happened to come across the Public Administration program. The next day, I called my academic advisor, who talked to me about the program. I encourage anyone who is looking for an online university to try SNHU. You will not be disappointed."

Whether online students need to ask quick questions to professors or handle administrative matters, they're only an email or a phone call away from instructors and advisors ready to help. Even though online learning doesn't take place in a traditional classroom, you still have access to all the resources you need to succeed.

If you think online learning could be right for you check out SNHU's program listings.

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