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Bootcamp-Style Online Coding Certificate Programs

A new kind of education for the future of work

Are you ready to break into the world of tech? An industry veteran ready to chart a new career path? Or just want to upskill in your current role? Meet Kenzie Academy — one of the industry-leading online coding bootcamps where you can level up your skills, and prepare for the career you want.

Gain career-focused skills. Enjoy the speed and flexibility of self-paced learning. And be part of a supportive community there to help you reach your goals.

  • Affordable tuition. At Kenzie, you can gain the skills you need more affordably than you think, with a variety of payment options designed to make education more accessible and achievable.
  • Quality programs like online Software Engineering (12 months), UX Design (9 months), and Full-Stack Web Development (9 months).
  • Career focus. Programs are full of hands-on learning and built with a focus on the current and future needs of the industry. For example, Kenzie Academy's Software Engineering program was co-developed with Amazon Technical Academy - helping to ensure you get the practical, relevant training you need to help solve complex problems facing the industry's most cutting-edge companies.
  • Learner success. By providing personalized attention from facilitators and subject matter experts to help you reach your goals, we ensure each individual gets the skills they need to succeed.

Learn more about Kenzie Academy programs to level up your skills for the modern workforce.

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