Student Spotlight: University Hospitals’ Bethaney Maxwell

Text: 'My College for America schoolwork has encouraged me to be a bolder and more confident about my skills.'- Bethaney Maxwell

Meet University Hospitals’ first College for America BA graduate

“My College for America schoolwork has encouraged me to be bolder and more confident about my skills.”

At work, she’s a Physician’s Office Assistant in a bustling orthopedic center that cares for over 200 patients in a single day. At home, she’s a wife and mom of two young daughters.

And at school, Bethaney Maxwell is University Hospitals’ first graduate of a College for America bachelor’s program available through Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).

University Hospitals partners with SNHU to offer the College for America programs to its employees. Flexible, affordable, and workplace-relevant, the competency-based programs are designed to help working adults succeed both in their careers and in life.

In October 2016, Bethaney took a major step toward earning her degree by enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Business.

“My degree was important to me because I was a young mom and I always wanted a career and a degree,” said Bethaney. “I have always wanted to work in the business world and I didn’t want to give up on that dream despite the obstacles that came up.”

Just nine months later, Bethaney completed her College for America program and graduated from SNHU, not only with a bachelor’s degree, but with skills and knowledge that she’s been able to apply directly in her everyday life.

“I want my girls to know that if you are willing to work hard you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

“My College for America schoolwork has encouraged me to be bolder and more confident about my skills,” she said. “My degree had a focus on communication and I honestly feel like I communicate much clearer and professionally in the work place. I feel much more confident in my public speaking now and I believe my conflict resolution is much better as well.”

Since graduating, Bethaney is already looking to the future with plans to earn her master’s degree and to pursue a Human Resources career. “I believe education and knowledge is a great thing and I truly enjoy learning,” she stated. “I’m sure I will go back to school in the future because I don’t think you can ever know too much or be too educated.”

Advancing her career wasn’t the only motivation for Bethaney to earn her degree; she also wanted to set a good example for her family. “They are the reason I was so motivated to achieve my degree,” she said.

“My mom and husband were the best support system I could ask for,” Bethaney explained. “They pushed me and made me completing this program a goal we were all working towards.”

“I want my girls to know that if you are willing to work hard you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

The College for America programs are offered exclusively to employees of Southern New Hampshire University’s partners. Ready to earn your degree? Find your employer to get started today: https://collegeforamerica.org/apply/

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