Student Spotlight: Caspers Company McDonald’s Amanda Dubose

Amanda Dubose and the text It molds to your own schedule and opens your eyes to education in a different way than the typical site-in-a-classroom style.

College for America’s Online Format Helps Caspers Company Marketer Earn Degree

“Not only has it helped in simple work projects, but it helped to accomplish my first goal of obtaining my associate degree.” – Amanda DuBose

Amanda DuBose had already moved out of her parents’ home and out of state by the time she graduated high school. She faced out-of-state tuition rates and didn’t qualify for financial aid so paying for college was, to say the least, a challenge.

Now a 28-year-old marketing coordinator at Caspers Company McDonald’s in Tampa Bay, Florida, DuBose – with her employer’s help – earned her Associate of Arts in General Studies degree from Southern New Hampshire University’s competency-based online program College for America (CfA).

Although she wasn’t able to go to college immediately following high school, earning her degree was always in DuBose’s plans.

“It has always been a life goal of mine, even when life got busy,” she said. “Having a degree in your back pocket opens opportunities, as well as opens your mind as you go through the process (of) learning more information.”

SNHU partners will employers to offer workers the College for America competency-based online programs that are specifically designed to be flexible and affordable for working adults. The curriculum uses real-world projects to ensure students can immediately apply what they’re learning to their jobs as they earn a college degree.

“Not only has it helped in simple work projects, but it helped to accomplish my first goal of obtaining my associate degree.”
– Amanda DuBose

DuBose said the projects she worked on during her studies helped her improve her interviewing skills when she conducted job interviews to find new members of her team. She also took a leadership role in social media marketing for her department, she said.

Being able to study online allowed her to earn her degree while holding down a full-time job and leading a busy life. “Working full time in my career has me very busy, and many times unexpected events come up,” she said. “The online aspect gives me the flexibility to prioritize work when it has to come first, then in my slower times I can ramp up my projects and submissions.”

DuBose said her friends, family and boyfriend helped encourage her to continue her work and kept her accountable. She also met regularly with other Caspers Company employees in the program, which helped “keep ourselves on track,” she said. Those supporters were a vital part of her education for those times when her motivation waned.

“Challenges I have encountered mostly pertain to staying focused and staying consistent with the time I put into my school work,” she said. “While this is still a struggle for me occasionally, the biggest help has been getting cheerleaders from my family and coworkers to cheer me on.”

DuBose said she encouraged others who have the opportunity to take advantage of the CfA program to help advance their careers. “It is an absolutely wonderful benefit,” she said. “It molds to your own schedule and opens your eyes to education in a different way than the typical sit-in-a-classroom style.”

DuBose said she hopes her associate degree helps open new opportunities at work and she isn’t done learning. She’s already working on a bachelor’s in communication with a concentration in business.

The College for America programs are offered exclusively to employees of Southern New Hampshire University’s partners. Ready to earn your degree? Find your employer to get started today: https://collegeforamerica.org/apply/

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