Andrea Drew

BA Communication - Public Relations, Class of 2014

"Everyone at SNHU went above and beyond to make sure I had the best experience possible."

School again?! That’s what I thought when I considered going back to college to finish my bachelor’s degree in communications and public relations. That’s not just what I thought; it was what I wanted. I entered college right out of high school, doing something I honestly did not want to do. I only chose the medical field because my dad wanted me to have a safe and steady career that would allow me to provide for a family. I knew I did not want to be an RN, so I chose to study and receive my degree in diagnostic medical sonography (ultrasound technologist). While I was waiting to get into my clinical rotation, I took it upon myself to start taking classes towards my communications degree. I started classes, but then entered clinical, graduated, and started working full-time at a hospital, and not finishing my bachelor’s degree in communications. I worked for three years, and then decided to go back and finish what I had started, and what I really wanted. I knew I did not have the time to attend classes in a classroom setting, so I did some research. SNHU was the perfect fit for my needs. I called to ask questions and the next thing I knew I was enrolled in college, taking classes to finish my Bachelor of Arts in Communications online. I was thoroughly impressed with the help I received while becoming enrolled and registered, and also all throughout my time at SNHU.

The faculty, professors, guidance counselors, advisors, financial aid department, etc., were all more than helpful. Everyone at SNHU went above and beyond to make sure I had the best experience possible. There are numerous options and opportunities for students to achieve the best experience possible in a variety of ways. While working full-time as an ultrasound technologist, SNHU worked with me every step of the way, guiding me, checking in to make sure I was doing all right, and to see if there was anything I needed. SNHU gave me a second chance to achieve what really mattered to me. I did not think I could go back with the hours I worked, but SNHU made everything possible and helped me achieve my one and only goal I had since I was 17: to obtain my BA in Communications. With my BA in Communications, I have decided to utilize my medical experience and knowledge and stay in the medical field, but work in the business aspect of the industry. I received my first college degree at the age of 23, took off for three years, and I am now finishing at the age of 28. I owe a big thank you to SNHU for believing in me. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Follow your heart and your passion.