Jonathan Lupinelli

BS Sport Management, Class of 2015

"I will always appreciate all that SNHU has done for me, both professionally and personally, throughout my life."

My name is Jonathan Lupinelli, and I am a French citizen. My relationship with Southern New Hampshire University started in the summer of 2012 when the university offered me an athletic scholarship to join their soccer team. I had many other offers from other universities at the time, but I decided SNHU was the best school for me to play soccer at a high level while enjoying a quality education. Today, I truly believe that was one of the best decisions of my life.

Initially, moving to the United States from France was not easy. I had never been to the U.S. and could barely speak English when I first arrived, but the amount of support I received right away from the entire SNHU community made the transition much easier. I quickly considered SNHU my new American home, and my soccer team became a second family.

In the classroom, my first year was tough because of the language barrier. I managed to pass my first classes using all the resources offered to students: learning center, tutors, office hours, accessible professors and the support of my classmates. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international business with an overall 3.86 GPA, and remained at SNHU to complete a master’s degree in marketing with an overall 3.97 GPA.

Playing collegiate soccer was another very important part of my SNHU experience. As I mentioned earlier, my teammates and coaches became my second family and I was honored to lead the team as captain. On the field, we were extremely successful, winning the 2013 Division II NCAA National Championship and four consecutive Northeast-10 tournament titles. Recently, I was named 2015-16 Northeast-10 Outstanding Scholar-Athlete of the Year, an honor that I credit to the opportunities and resources at SNHU that helped me be successful both in the classroom and on the field.

As everyone knows, it can be difficult to manage academic and athletic responsibilities as a student-athlete. The quality and diversity of SNHU’s online programs helped me tremendously. It allowed me to create my own schedule and complete my schoolwork when it was most convenient for me, while also providing great support from my remote professors. The online programs also allowed me to take many classes during summers when I was off-campus. Online classes are undoubtedly the primary reason why I was able to finish my undergrad program early and get my master’s degree done on time to match my NCAA eligibility.

When I graduated in December 2015, I knew I wanted soccer to remain an important part of my life. I worked with SNHU’s Career Development Center to find a career that could integrate my passion for the sport as well as my degrees. In no time, SNHU’s career staff connected me to the Major League Soccer offices, where I interviewed and was hired for a position in their international business department. I have now been working at MLS in New York City for almost a year.

I will always appreciate all that SNHU has done for me, both professionally and personally, throughout my life. I cannot express enough gratitude to my SNHU professors and advisors, men’s soccer teammates and coaching staff, and the entire SNHU community for making my collegiate experience so successful and enjoyable.