Amanda Sanchez Kohl

Business Administration (International Students) (BBA), Class of 2014

"The supportive community SNHU has created is phenomenal and one of a kind."

I spent over 18 months looking for the right school to transition into from my community college. I was accepted to four different universities and decided to pursue my degree through a community college. After completing my associate degree and slightly experiencing online classes there, I knew I wanted to take this path for any future educational plans. I love learning and given the opportunity, I would stay in school my whole life.

Many online schools that I had reached out to did not make me feel very welcomed, and I felt a financial burden communicating with them about my educational plans. When I discovered SNHU, the staff was extremely helpful and was able to provide me the support that I needed to get the ball rolling on my education. I was very appreciative of the various programs the school offered and the vast amount of options students have when they choose to go to this school. I signed up for the 8-week term program, taking two courses every eight weeks.

Last year when I started, I was working three jobs and going to school for what was considered full-time. People certainly did not understand the extremity of these classes especially when I said I was enrolled in only two. To understand that we cover an entire course's curriculum within 8 weeks is an accomplishment in itself. The online programs are huge with the most classes I’ve ever seen available, and many people are involved in it. The supportive community SNHU has created is phenomenal and one of a kind. I am so excited to have had the opportunity to complete my education within one year!