Ashley Liadis

BS Business Admin - 3 Yr Honors Program, Class of 2002

"My student experience helps me more than any other skill."

Ashley Liadis '02 enjoyed the 3Year Honors Program in Business at SNHU so much that she now recruits students for it.

Though she lived down the street from SNHU, Ashley first opted to attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Eventually she transferred from WPI into SNHU’s three-year program. It not only provided her with new opportunities and a financial advantage, it also offered a more competitive academic environment.

“We demonstrated our ability to work hard in high school, but in college we challenged each other to work our hardest. Being in a learning community (where we pursued our coursework as a cohort) allowed for us to build upon our knowledge gained in previous semesters, at the same time focusing on our collective passion for business,” she says.

SNHU’s small size helped Ashley, a commuter student, feel more connected to the campus community. As an Orientation Leader, an SNHU Ambassador, a member of the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society and the Alumni Leader Corps, and a member of the track and field club, Ashley made connections outside of the classroom.

“Being a commuter, it can sometimes feel like a high school experience: You go to class and leave; but being involved with many campus activities helped develop leadership skills and expand my social network beyond faculty,” she says.

She now passes on the knowledge and experience she gained in the three-year program to students who are considering the program instead of a traditional four -year education. As the three-year program director, she works with students throughout the admission process and their academic careers at SNHU.

"My student experience helps me more than any other skill; it allows for me to constantly look at issues through a student point of view in addition to my administrator perspective. I feel that my student experience in the three-year program enables me to connect with students in a way that not many other advisors/faculty can," she says. “When a student can see the light at the end of their academic tunnel, the affinity of a successful alumnus who made it through gives a bit of credibility and reality to completing their program and becoming a success story of their own after graduation."