Corinne Ray

"The class sizes are very small."

When Corinne Ray toured SNHU for the first time, she was interested in the university’s baking and pastry arts program. But an enthusiastic student tour guide sold her on the merits of SNHU’s 3Year Honors Program in Business, to which Ray ultimately applied and into which she was accepted in 2010.

Ray’s interest in culinary arts grew from her experience baking allergy-friendly desserts. A type-1 diabetic who spent her youth in Shrewsbury, Mass., unable to enjoy birthday cakes because of her condition, Ray delved into the pursuit as a teenage Sunday-school teacher. The disappointment on the face of a student who couldn’t enjoy the traditional cupcakes Ray brought to class one day was a galvanizing moment.

“I thought, ‘I never want to see that face again, because I used to make that face,’ ” she says.

With word of mouth fueling demand for Ray’s creations, she eventually formed a business called “Sweetness” and baked in her SNHU apartment while pursuing the 3Year Honors Program. Her studies helped her refine her order form, while her entrepreneurial bent earned her business financial assistance from SNHU. Meanwhile, she has developed a business plan for her dream venture – a Boston dessert bar offering traditional and allergy-friendly fare.

“I’m going to culinary school to refine my skills, and as soon I graduate I’m going to pursue getting it started,” she says.