Heather McGann

BS Business Admin - 3 Yr Honors Program, Class of 2006

"SNHU is really friendly. It's easy to get to know people."

For Heather McGann ‘06, Southern New Hampshire University was the perfect place to learn about business and about how she could make a difference.

Like most high school students, Heather received “about a million letters in the mail” from schools across the country. As she sorted through those stacks of glossy catalogs and eye-catching brochures, SNHU stood out.

Heather was searching for an academic challenge. She found it in the university’s 3Year honors program, an innovative major that lets qualified students earn a B.S. in business administration in three years. In her classes, she’s had the chance to work directly with local businesses as part of a tightly-knit team. For one project, she and classmates designed a Web site for a local food bank. Outside the classroom, Heather created a strong, supportive community, and made friends in every area of the school.

“I really like the environment. It’s really friendly, and, since it’s so small, it’s easy to get to know people on campus and easy to join clubs,” she said.

Heather didn’t waste any time before getting involved on campus, working with the Arthritis Foundation in her first year, then traveling to Maryland to work with Habitat for Humanity during spring break her sophomore year. Last year she was president of the university’s service learning organization and volunteered in the new service learning center on campus. Last spring break she headed south to help with hurricane disaster relief.

Now that she has graduated, Heather is going to graduate school. She hopes to put her business knowledge and skills work for a nonprofit – no surprise there.