Heather MacDonald

MBA, Class of 2016

"From finance to business law, my MBA positioned me well for the role I recently assumed."

Heather MacDonald achieved a lifelong goal in 2016 when she earned her Master of Business Administration, even if it wasn't the way she always thought it would happen.

"Earning an MBA was a bucket list item for me, so achieving the degree was the biggest accomplishment," MacDonald said.

But MacDonald also celebrates smaller achievements when reflecting on earning her degree; getting an A in statistics, for example, or finding that she enjoyed math courses more than writing courses despite her undergraduate degree in English.

MacDonald found her experience completing a degree online to be not only rewarding but better for her learning style and her lifestyle.

"It takes a lot of self-discipline to complete an online degree, something I didn't think I had in me," MacDonald said.

As a busy mom, the flexibility provided by her MBA program was critical to her success.

"I wouldn't do so well in a scheduled class environment," MacDonald said. "I needed the ability to work at 1 a.m. sometimes, or with my kids on my lap. Online learning at SNHU was extremely beneficial for me."

And earning her MBA has paid off. The array of courses in different topics has given her a well-rounded knowledge base, and that has proven to be very important.

Now that she's working with lawyers in Washington D.C., MacDonald said, knowing "at least part of the law" has come in handy. Likewise, her accounting classes gave her useful skills despite the fact it's not what she specializes in.

"It gives someone who is not an accountant, like myself, (a) competitive edge over others," she said.

As the director of a department at her current job, MacDonald creates budgets and tracks profits and losses.

"Overall financial health of my company comes into play in every decision I make," MacDonald said. "Business law has helped me in many ways with personnel-related questions and (has) given me foresight into potential issues that could arise."