Sarah Shabo


"I love SNHU's great leaders and great culture."

When I was 12 years old in Iraq, the land that I was born in, I started writing poems, short stories, articles; and drawing; reading novels and history books; but at the same time I studied hard and got high scores. I loved my native country, but my dream was to be in a different, bigger place, to travel to see another world.

I chose business administration to study at the university, but life during wars and fear was terrible. I was excited when I came to the United States; there is no fear here, allowing me to feel like a human being. Every start is very difficult. I asked myself if I am just a number here. I must start my MBA study. I applied to many universities but felt their process was too complicated for me.

That day, I saw SNHU website, I called one of the admission members. Patricia was very nice, and she guided me, and taught me how to submit my documents; yet, I was not sure if they would accept me as an MBA student. I couldn’t believe it when they did. I saw my whole life like a film — my dream came true — I love SNHU's great leaders and great culture. Because I am patient in my nature and a hard worker, I studied hard, and it was my great pleasure to work with my good professors and advisors. I hope that at the end of this year, I will graduate.

Although, I've worked overseas as a business teacher and office manager, I am now looking for a career to gain experience in the United States, and maybe in the future I will start my own business. I hope also to do an exhibition for my artwork at SNHU, and publish my books in English. Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity to express my gratitude and tell my story.

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