Steve Hildebrand

MBA, Class of 2013

"I've used every class I've taken there and applied it to my work."

In 2010, Steve Hildebrand was three years into a career transition from television news production to credit-union marketing when he realized something important.

"I was going to all these financial meetings, and I didn't understand a word they were saying," he says. "I didn’t know any of the acronyms, and I didn’t know how they were coming up with the numbers."

Then the director of marketing for Maine Family Credit Union, Hildebrand decided to deepen his understanding of his industry's financial side by enrolling in SNHU's online M.B.A program. A West Virginia University graduate who grew up in Frederick, Md., Hildebrand is on track to receive M.B.A. degrees in accounting and quantitative analysis in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

SNHU's online program has given Hildebrand the chance to enhance his knowledge in a way that suits his learning style and fits into his busy life.

"I learn much better reading on my own, at my own pace, than sitting in a classroom," he says. "And plus I have children, so it would be hard for me to break away and go to classes. But with the online program, I can come home from work, put the kids to bed and study when I have time available."

In June 2012, Hildebrand became the vice president of marketing for DuPont Community Credit Union in Waynesboro, Va. He credits his SNHU studies for helping him attain a position that's a step up from his previous role.

"I've used every class I've taken there and applied it to my work," he says.